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In order to produce exceptional value for our clients, employees and shareholders, we organize our services into four main business lines, each with its own area of strength and strategies. At the same time, these segments are naturally and inextricably woven together, inspiring us to work across disciplines and geographies to deliver exceptional solutions to complex issues. Find all our Capabilities.

What We Do

EBAWA partners with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes through design, consultancy, engineering, project and management solutions.

Architecture is all around us. From our homes to our offices, our stations to our skylines, the built environment defines the world we live in.
Through our leading architectural based design, we enrich lives and design solutions to meet the complex issues of our clients, our world and our time.
Drawing together the needs of form and function with the latest technological and environmental advancements, our designers and technical specialists work together with our clients to deliver

A city is much more than just a place for people to live and do business. Cities sit at the heart of a country's economic and cultural well-being, each with their own distinct personalities and needs.
To achieve an all-encompassing, long-lasting vision for a city or town, district or development, one needs to start with the detail. We provide comprehensive approaches to innovation planning and design, smart transportation, and marketing.
We create viable and durable plans which not only help create, build or maintain distinction, but also ones ready to compete on a global platform.

Change in our world is a constant and the pace is only increasing. Technological advancements are infiltrating, influencing and informing our lives at home and at work. Ongoing changes to the world around us are exponentially shaping people’s perceptions about what is – or should be – possible.
The business of today and the technologies they use needs faster and simpler access to information. High quality data and analysis mean quicker, more accurate decision making, provide assurance about an asset portfolio, and certainty that investment will meet current and future needs. Industries that proactively embrace innovation are leading the way. Those that do not will soon be left behind.
At EBAWA, we believe in the future. We are constantly innovating in the way we use technology, operate with our partners and deliver for our clients. Doing things faster, smarter and more efficiently truly improve quality of life.

Health and safety programs are often challenged by a confounding regulatory maze and restricted corporate budgets that hinder your progress in the market.
EBAWA’s health and safety professionals help to overcome these obstacles by aligning sound planning with our overall technological programs focused on improving our competitive edge in the market while integrating compliance with process upgrades.